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Boni-Whip active Antenna

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Active Wideband Antenna 20kHz – 300MHz

Wide frequency range 20 kHz – 300 MHz
Small dimensions
Ideal for traveling, at home or DX-Camps
The BONI-WHIP active antenna replaces the very successful Mini-Whip antenna. Despite its size (only approx. 17 cm long), it renders excellent reception results on longwave, mediumwave and shortwave and additionally for VHF up to 300 MHz. We developed this antenna ourselves and it is built here in Germany, so it really is “Made in Germany” by Bonito. The antenna offers a lot of improvements and better values than the original Mini-Whip. In our newsroom you can see a benchmark test between the Boni-Whip vs. the Mini.Whip:

Even on very low frequencies the Boni-Whip produces very good reception results. It can be used beginning with 20 kHz and is a good choice for listeners who are interested in low frequencies.

We also thought about radio listeners who are interested in high frequencies and extended the range to 300 MHz. Even with only a little effort you can achieve fantastic reception results; and because of its small size, the antenna can be erected inconspicuously.

The active antenna circuitry is cased in a weather and UV resistant black box. The voltage supply is delivered by the antenna cable and the included power supply module (bias tee). A V4A stainless steel pole mount bracket is available optional as well.

Because of its interchangeable radiating elements (Whips) the Boni-Whip can be used with different elements for experiments. The antenna can thus be adjusted to the surrounding environment or a special reception area. This is very helpful if you attend to a Fieldday or a DX-Camp with loads of HF in the air.

I have performed extensive outdoor tests on the Boni-Whip at various locations in Germany, Austria, and USA; and even I am amazed that we have produced an antenna with such small size, mobility and excellent performance/price ratio. You will get a noticeably better antenna for almost the same price as the original Mini-Whip. pa0rtd mini whip

What’s in the Box:
– Boni-Whip active Antenna
– Power inserter (Bias Tee)
– Whip / Radiator

Technical data
Frequency range: 20 kHz -300 MHz
Voltage supply: 12V-15V
Gain: 3dB
Upper Frequency Limit: (-1db): 300 MHz
IP3: +32.5 dBm
IP2: +55 dBm

Mini-Whip-XP II

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Versione tubo 20mm per palo PVC 32mm cavo 6m Adatta per montaggio esterno.

Gennaio 2015

- In questa ultima versione, il circuito amplificatore e la piastra ricevente, sono protetti all'interno del tubo da 20mm. Il tutto viene completamente chiuso e sigillato con resina per resistere alle intemperie.

- Va posizionata a minimo 2-4 metri di altezza, tramite tubo PVC 32mm per uso elettrico. Eventualmente usare 3 cavi nylon per i fissaggio controvento.

- Il gruppo è completamente sigillato, lo sfiato umidità avviene verso il basso attraverso il passaggio cavi.

- Con la XP II la discesa segnale avviene con cavo RG58/U standard lunghezza 6mt. ed alimentazione separata con cavo schermato multiplo, soluzione questa adatta per arrivare fino a 30 - 50 metri di cavo discesa (a richiesta).

- Presenta sempre una ottima sensibilità, su tutte le frequenze da 0.10 - 30 Mhz migliorata la gamma bassa delle LW e MW.

- Sono facilmente ascoltabili segnali medi e forti fino a 150Mhz.

- E' consigliato alimentare con batteria 12V ricaricabile, tipicamente con una 12V 7Ah si ha oltre 1 mese di autonomia. Oppure mediante il cavo multiplo è possibile portare l'alimentazione in casa, sempre usare solo batteria 9-12V.

- Molto sconsigliato alimentare la MiniWhip con un alimentatore rete, del tipo lineare o switching, vengono introdotti troppi disturbi alla ricezione.

- Non consigliabile la connessione a RTX in quanto alcuni modelli all'accensione mandano un impulso RF in uscita, che può bruciare il circuito della MiniWhip.


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Wellbrook Communications

Specialists in Broadband Loop Technology!

Wellbrook Communications are the only UK company that supplies a complete range of Long wave loops, Medium wave (AM) loops and Shortwave (HF) receiving loop antennas for radio amateurs and listener hobbyists.
All antennas are Broadband, Wideband Active Loop Antennas; the result of continual research and ongoing improvement over several decades.

Wellbrook is the only company that uses the revolutionary Impedance tracking amplifier to ensure optimum loop/amplifier matching. Other makes just rely on loop/amplifier matching over a fraction of their declared bandwidth.

Wellbrook Loop antennas are also widely used for Professional and Government Radio Monitoring. Customers include BBC, VOA, Radio New Zealand, UK and US Defence contractors, just to name a few.

Wellbrook loops do not easily break or malfunction, can withstand extreme weather and are the result of considerable research and innovation, but if you run into problems, we'll replace parts under warranty. Spare parts are also available at a reasonable cost.

These totally new active antennas have been developed to improve radio reception in noisy listening environments.