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Introduction to using the KiwiSDR

The KiwiSDR is a software-defined radio that attaches to a Seeed BeagleBone Green (BBG) embedded computer. It is available as the board alone or a more complete version including BBG, GPS antenna and enclosure with the software pre-installed on the BBG.

The Kiwi is different from other SDRs. It is a standalone device that attaches to your local network and is optionally accessed through the Internet. A browser is used to connect to the user interface. Most other SDRs generate raw IQ data and need to be connected directly to a PC or laptop running OS-specific, installed software.

Browsers supported include Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera on Windows, Linux and Mac. A version of the interface for mobile devices is under development. Until then the browser interface will work on iPad and Android devices with a large enough display. The Kiwi supports up to four simultaneous connections each with their own independently controlled audio and waterfall channels. An extension interface allows advanced signal decoding directly in the browser interface without installing additional software. The most popular is the integrated WSPR decoder. The Kiwi also includes a software-defined GPS receiver used to calibrate the SDR frequency and time-of-day.

You can access over one hundred KiwiSDRs right now at the site The owners of these Kiwis have made them publicly available. We hope you will join them, especially if you live in an interesting part of the world where a Kiwi is not yet located (see map).